Huarache was born out of a passion for

Mexico: its culture, traditions, and colors. It started as a dream of sharing and expanding Mexican art into the world. Our mission is to support the community of artisans and protect and strengthen the cultural heritage that the talented hands have to offer.

The elaboration of each shoe is a master piece. There is no identical pair. 

With your purchase you are not only getting a uniquely handmade pair of sandals but you are also contributing to the local artisans and their families.


Thank you for your support and for making a difference!


Although the true origin of the huarache sandal is unclear, it’s most definitely a piece of footwear which started before the European colonialization of Mexico in the states of Jalisco, Michoacan and Yucatan.

Huaraches were typically associated with rural communities and farmworkers. Due to the fairly robust and accessible nature of the materials used to make the shoe, huaraches widely grew in popularity throughout Mexico. This was particularly true during the 20th century, when old rubber car tires began to be utilized to form the sole of the huarache. These car tire soles allowed for greater endurance and combined with nails, as opposed to stitching, allowed for the huarache owner to use their sandals for much longer.

Huaraches became popular in the US due to 60s hippie culture, and started to be more recognized by both Mexicans and visitors to the country.